Dermatopathology Faculty and Staff


Jonhan Ho, MD, MS
Director, Dermatopathology Unit
Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship Program
Assistant Professor, Departments of Dermatology and Pathology

Jaroslaw Jedrych, MD
Sonal Choudhary, MD

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Ari Karunamurthy, MD


Cynthia Abban, MD
Kristen Bibee, MD
Nil Celebi-Cherukuri, MD
Evelyn Cheung, MD
Mary-Katherine Collins, MD
Linda Doan, MD, PhD
Joshua Hagen, MD
H. Chin Ho, MD
Joyce Hoot, MD
Geoffrey Lim, MD
Ezra Mirvish, MD
Kaitlin Vaughan Peters, MD
Mona Sadeghpour, MD
Aurora Shehu, MD
Silvia Song, MD
Nadia Sundlass, MD
Natalia Vlassova, MD
Sarah Kern Whitley, MD

SIEP Fellows

Jeffrey C. Bulva, DO
Charles Vainder, MD

Visiting Faculty

Nancy House, MD
Mike Wallace, MD


Christopher Simmons - Supervisor, Histology and Dermatopathology
Debbie Ackerman - Academic Support Coordinator
Lisa Ewing - Charge Processing Specialist
Nicole Blanford - Office Assistant